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MED’inVent Consulting is an intellectual property firm managed by Philippe Brun since 2008, who is the company’s founder.


We can contribute to the growth of your business, providing advice and representation to help you acquire, defend and promote your intellectual property rights.

We represent you directly before the French Patent & Trademark Office (INPI) and the European Patent Office (EPO). We work with a broad network of representatives who provide support in every other country and region.

We apply our business skills and study specific features of your company to offer a tailor-made strategy perfectly suited to your goals and your resources.


Our commitment is based on the mutual trust that we build with our customers.


Our fields of expertise

Our training and experience have led us to specialise in a number of fields, mainly: digital security, cryptography, mechanics, physics, materials, electronics and microelectronics, IT, on-board computing, networks, telecommunications, power generation, environmental protection, etc.

We know the institutional organisations well (BPI France, INPI, Incubators) and the assistance available to support the growth of your business (subsidies for innovation, first patent grant (PTR), research tax credits, pre-diagnoses, etc.). We conduct pre-diagnoses with the authorisation of the French Patent & Trademark Office (INPI).


Privilege – confidentiality clause

Intellectual Property consultancies are bound by a strict obligation of confidentiality in all dealings and exchanges with their customers. This confidentiality is governed by legal and regulatory provisions to which we are subject, in the same way as attorneys are. Furthermore, working with our firm entitles you to legal privilege to ensure you are free from having to submit to a judge – and more importantly to the opposite party – any sensitive documents we exchange in the past or in the future.


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Philippe Brun


- French & European IP Attorney,
- Industrial Engineer specialised in Automatic and Computerised Systems


1991 : Télémécanique (now Schneider Electric): Development engineer.

1993 : Gemplus (now Gemalto): R&D team manager. He was involved in the development and launch of operating systems for smart cards in telecommunications, healthcare, payment and transport.

1998 : Philippe joined the Intellectual Property Department of Gemplus. Patent Engineer and later group manager, he took over the management of the Department in 2002. Philippe and his co-workers implemented innovative practices within the company, promoting innovation, providing a clear, simple view of the strengths and weaknesses of the patent portfolio and optimising management costs. Some of these practices, methods and tools have been published and are currently being used by academic and industrial players.



The Consultancy is a member of :
• The French Institute of Patent & Trademark Attorneys (CNCPI)
• The European Patent Institute (EPI) of the European Patent Office (OEB)
• The Chambre Professionnelle du Conseil - Provence (CPC-P) (Professional Consultants' Association of Provence)



New address : Z.I. Athélia IV - 297 Avenue du Mistral
Espace Mistral Bât.A - 13705 La Ciotat Cedex - FRANCE
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