Sensibiliser vos collaborateurs aux enjeux, opportunités et risques en matière de Propriété Intellectuelle

Protecting your technical innovation needs the right tools and resources.
We make your employees aware of the issues, opportunities and risks in the field of Intellectual Property.


We popularise the basic concepts of Intellectual Property.
We make your engineers and researchers aware of the issues and opportunities.
We share good practices.
We help you reveal and express your inventions under the best possible conditions.
We provide simple, legal, business decision criteria to help you select the most suitable protection.


We conduct awareness sessions that match your expectations (audience, contents and duration).
We deal with theoretical and legal aspects (rights and obligations, French, European, US and Asian legal systems).
Participants are placed in context using specific examples, learning how to access patented information.

New address : Z.I. Athélia IV - 297 Avenue du Mistral
Espace Mistral Bât.A - 13705 La Ciotat Cedex - FRANCE
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